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Pro Wrestling and One Trans Guy's Path to Self-Confidence

Tuesday, April 4, 2017. Orlando's Amway Center is packed and swelteringly hot. This is not the time or place for all denim everything.

Paste Magazine

How "The Progressive Liberal" Dan Richards Became the Media's Favorite Wrestler

It takes a village to make a wrestler.

Paste Magazine

What You Need to Know for Tonight's Lucha Underground Third Season Return

Lucha Underground leans into a wild supernatural mythology that colors every aspect of the show with an enthusiasm unmatched by almost any other promotion.

Paste Magazine

Taya Is the Key to the Top Heel Stable in Lucha Underground

Taya has done a little bit of everything. Even before establishing herself as one of Lucha Underground's top stars, Taya was making a name for herself across the world.

Paste Magazine

The Mack Gets His Title Shot When Lucha Underground Returns

Junkrat seems to be one of the more underrated characters from the smash hit fighting game, but it's easy to see the appeal for a wrestler like the Mack.

Paste Magazine

The Carelessness of WWE's "Breezy Bella" Segment

This is the kind of gag that makes it hard to take WWE seriously when they claim to care about LGBTQ storylines and performers.

Paste Magazine

Then, Now, Whenever: WWE's Slow Progress on LGBTQ Storylines

The storytelling used to get Owens and Jericho over as a tag team is precisely the kind of writing that can be used to get LGBTQ characters over.

Spiky Clouds

Becoming the realest guy in the room: A personal journey with Midnighter - SpikyClouds

I am fortunate for Midnighter, for helping me to understand I didn’t have to predicate being a real guy on somebody else’s hard and fast masculine ideal.

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Space Battle Lunchtime has been a strong showing from Riess, from her gorgeous illustrations and skillful storytelling to smaller touches like her lettering ability.


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2016 has been an exhausting year, and sometimes the best comic bookss are the ones that just make you smile.