I've also contributed to zines, paneled, and even written a tabletop RPG module. I'd love to do more of all of them -- feel free to reach out through my contact form!

Kayfabe Compliant: A Spells RPG Module

Made available as a social stretch goal for the Spells RPG kickstarter. The final social stretch goal, unlocked at 100 retweets. 

What do you do when a kudzu creature invades your indie wrestling show ... and the promoter insists the show must go on? This Spells RPG module tasks a team of wrestlers with keeping things going while keeping butts in seats -- and safe from harm. 

Pro Wrestling Feelings #666

I penned an essay on making wrestling shows safer and more welcoming to marginalized fans, and how useful even a basic code of conduct can be, in ed blair's excellent zine Pro Wrestling Feelings, from the Holy Demon Army Distro. 

Get Ready For The Big Chop

Close Shaves, or Learning When to Say Goodbye, some thoughts about Dean Ambrose in an excellent collection of essays about wrestler haircuts edited by Claire Napier. Free to download and enjoy!

Queer Folks Write About Comics

I participated in the Queer Folks Write About Comics comics journalism panel at FlameCon 2018, which was written up by Emily Lauer at Women Write About Comics.