Have a comic or Kickstarter you want coverage for?

Disclaimer: I don't guarantee coverage for comics or crowdfunding campaigns.. I do try to pass on all comics to the rest of the Best Shots team. Here's some information about what and where I cover, and what information I find helpful for reviews. 

Comics Reviews

I review comics with the Newsarama Best Shots review team. We do full-length reviews on Tuesdays (advances), Wednesdays (day of release), and Mondays (released the previous week). We do short pellet reviews on Thursdays, typically week of review with some flexibility for older comics. 

What I reviewI'll review just about anything -- single issues, trade paperbacks, anthologies, and collected editions of webcomics. I'm always extremely interested comics from marginalized creators. I'm averse to gore and explicit sexual content (personally, not out of any artistic reason). Anything I'm not interested in myself, I'll try to pass on to the rest of the Best Shots team. Scheduling interviews is above my paygrade, but I'll make a pitch for compelling projects. 

What I find helpful:

  • A PDF of your title (if the link is set to expire, please note the expiration date)
  • Release date
  • Final order cut-off date
  • A high-resolution .jpeg or .png image file of cover art or an interior page to accompany the review
  • A full list of credits, including letterer and colorist
  • Pronouns of the creators involved

Where to submit: You can e-mail me directly at hey@ckstewart.com. Please say "Request for review" and include the publication date in the subject line. 

Crowdfunding Coverage

I do comics crowdfunding campaign round-ups and on rare occasions interviews about campaigns. 

What I look for in a campaign:

This is incredibly subjective. I look at the total goal set, the scope of the project, the tiers offered, and the transparency regarding the current status of the project, use of funds, and plans for fulfillment. If your first campaign is an incomplete graphic novel you're requesting $20,000 for nebulous reasons, I won't recommend it. If you have multiple failed campaigns, I'm less likely to recommend it. Crowdfunding is asking folks to make an investment, and it's important to me to be thoughtful about what I suggest. 

What I find helpful:

  • Launch date and campaign end date
  • A high-resolution .jpeg or .png image file of cover art or an interior page to accompany the round-up
  • Pronouns of the creators involved

Where to submit:  You can e-mail me directly at hey@ckstewart.com. Please include the campaign end date in the subject line.